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Let’s begin

April 20, 2013

I think part of the challenge this blog represents will be figuring out what level of planning is sufficiently unambitious to work.

The following list may be is too ambitious. But if I can achieve a subset of it by next Bash (first Sunday of the month), well, I’ll have something to blog here, won’t I?

  • work out how to put photos in (I have a horrible feeling this will mean working out how to reactivate my Flickr account>)
  • add photos of the weeds I picked yesterday, and the goat cheese tart I made with some of them last night
  • pickle and dehydrate the rest and take pictures and post them
  • maybe start a wild mead that I can take to the next monthly Bash, and put out with the pickles I’ve made lately
  • line Eloise’s blue Flemish coat with the pink linen I bought for the task before Easter
  • finish sewing up the arms and finishing the seams on my green thirteenth century cotte
  • And what am I thinking of? My real mission for today is to make a ‘Cinderella cake’ (a doll with a cake for the skirt of her gown) for Eloise’s third birthday party (family version) which is on this afternoon. She wanted one of the ones that you can buy at Safeway, but I have old fashioned ideas about the need for homemade birthday cakes. Yesterday I bought a cheap Barbie rip off from a $2 shop in Fairfield, to be Cinderella. Last night I made the cake. When Eloise got home from her dad’s, it turned out she was always much more interested in the doll than the cake. Cinderella has already seen quite a bit of play action. But soon we’ll be packing up and heading off to Grandma’s, where we’ll ice the cake together. So my true ambition for today is to work out how to put the pictures up here.


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    1. khovenga permalink

      You won’t need a flickr account. You can upload photos here by clicking on the “Add Media” button at the top of the posting page. Then follow your nose.

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