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Goodness me

April 21, 2013

Well goodness me. For quite a while now, we’ve been using a big rectangular wicker laundry basket for late medieval/early modern reenactment purposes, and I’ve been bitching about it, because I have not been able to find any evidence, visual or otherwise, for non-round baskets of this sort.

Here it is a few years ago.

(Yes there’s something in Scappi; no, it’s clearly not meant to be open kitchen storage.)

In fact, I’ve mostly crowded the rectangular baskets out by acquiring round ones over the last few years (insert photo I never got around to taking at Rowany this year), but the big one gets used to transport the kitchen stuff, and it seems it is then too useful to hide away and not use.

And now, just when Karen and Laura and I have worked out how to finally send the thing to an honourable, non medieval, retirement in my laundry, I’ve found a picture of something just like it.

A laundry basket, in fact.

Thanks larsdatter, you rock as ever.


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One Comment
  1. khovenga permalink

    I love how all the clothes are carefully laid out to minimise space and the smalls are in the middle, just like my mother taught me to hang out the washing. I wonder if those facts are connected?

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